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Irene "Rena" Waltraud (Gumball) Langlois

Irene Waltraud (Gumball) Langlois, known to her close friends as Rena, was, born in Duderstadt, Germany on Sept. 13,1948. This is a small town which has roots dating back to 949 AD is situated on the west side of the former East and West Border established during World War II.

Irene was a beautiful young woman, at 16 she looked 24 and dressed in modern European style. She worked in the laboratory at Bayer in Leverkusen, Germany. It was during this time that she met Walter Langlois at one of the seasonal fairs that Cologne is famous for, Carnaval.

As a child Irene was determined, as a teenager she was persistent, strong-willed and looking for adventure. She told Walter she was 24, when in fact she was 16. Less than a year into their relationship, Irene became pregnant. At 17, Irene married Walter in a black sequin dress in the city hall. Five months later, Irene and her mother walked to the hospital and daughter, Claudia was born, 4 days before Irene’s 18th birthday.  

She was the eldest of 5 siblings, losing her brother at the age of 6 who was run over by a transport truck.  Irene remained very close to her sisters. She had 3 daughters, 4 grandchildren and 1 step-grandchild. Irene was also grandmother to many fur babies, including 18 cats, which she was allergic to, however, she had unconditional love for them as did they for her.

Irene stayed home to take care of her firstborn while Walter worked. It was challenging to find a suitable apartment and there was a 10 year wait list for the accommodations Irene and Walter preferred in order to raise a family. They decided that North America would offer more opportunities. Walter came to Canada in January 1967, and Irene and her daughter, Claudia followed on April 18, 1967.

They started their Canadian adventures in Sarnia, Ontario. It was not an easy time for them, now with two young children and a language barrier, providing a challenge. Irene learned how to speak English by watching Sesame Street. She enjoyed socializing and met many people to assist her with her language development. Walter and Irene stayed in Sarnia for three years before moving to Kincardine, where Irene and Walter lived until they separated. While living in Kincardine by the time she was 23 she gave birth to two more daughters, Michelle and Loraine who have provided her with 4 grandchildren. 

During Irene’s time in Kincardine, she pursued Belly Dancing as a hobby. She sold Avon, waitressed, and updated her office skills through courses. A woman among the small farming community of 2,000, Irene always was stylish. Packages from Germany arrived with clothing for her and the children, styles that were years ahead of Canada. Irene returned often to Germany to see her mother, father and siblings. Then… Irene became rooted in Canada and this country became more home to her than Germany.

She then moved and found a new life in St Catharine's with her close friend and partner Truman Mearow, who assisted Irene in finding her healing energy, and together they grew on their spiritual pathway. Through the support of Truman and Irene's guides she began her energy work. This was the beginning for our Mom. She loved the connection she had with her healing circle of friends. Her connections to many enhanced her knowledge and enlightened her journey towards greater energy and proximity to working with the angels. She often stated how blessed she was to have such a wonderful group of people to surround her with love and blessings.

Irene developed her spirituality and became a healer. She was a Reiki Master, offered acupressure, provided treatment in Bach Flower Remedies, balanced Chakras with tuning forks, and channeled. A believer of Angels, Irene was an Angel on this earth. A kind, warm hearted, generous woman who smiled with her eyes. She was a gentle soul, yet strength, determination and resilience were her in her core.

Rena loved gardening. Her haven was her small backyard which was filled with blooming flowers, insects a buzz, birds fluttering about and squirrels trying to be a part of the peace and tranquility she had created in a busy neighbourhood. She enjoyed growing vegetables and canning the produce. Irene enjoyed cooking. She made the best Black Forest Cake.

Irene also loved to get dressed up and go dancing with her partner Joe Halapija. Each weekend for 25 years, Irene and Joe would alternate weekend locations between St. Catharines and Kitchener. During these weekends, they explored their local areas and attended Croatian picnics, German dances, wine festivals, and fishing in various rivers and lakes. They often travelled across the border to the US and had yearly adventures to Caribbean Islands either by plane or cruises. Irene loved the sun and she liked to be warm.  She and Joe enjoyed each other’s company, and they spent much time together.  Irene lived and loved life. She loved to travel and dance. She loved dressing in bright sparkly clothing, she was a bright spirit.  She was a nurturer who enjoyed helping others.   

Irene’s sudden death was a shock. She was diagnosed with Renal cancer in her lungs and God gave her two weeks to live. Despite this news, the week Irene spent in our presence was with determination, admiration, and happiness.  During her time in the hospital the nurses loved being in the presence of Irene. Her positive demeanour was refreshing, and her smile was uplifting. Even during Irene’s final days, she continued to exude love to her daughters and grandchildren.

Her last days provided smiles, a sparkle in her eyes and words of love. She accepted her final journey with dignity and joy, and she prepared herself for her departure. She was ready to leave and when she did, she did it her way at 4:55 a.m. February 17, 2024. Irene was an angel on earth and her angels were waiting and rejoicing in receiving a true angel. An angel who will continue to be a presence and help to many. Rena’s many friends miss her beautiful kindness and cheerful nature. We miss our mom.  We are all blessed to have known Irena. (Irena is pronounced as such in German, the e becomes a long a sound and the last a is short - like Irana.)

A note from one of Rena’s closest friends…

I have known my dear sweet friend Rena Langlois for over 30 years! We met at Cliff and Linda Preston's when they were hosting weekly psychic circles at their home in Port Dalhousie! We became instant friends and hung out together quite a bit!

In July of 1995 Rena, Arden Kozak and I travelled to study with Hannah Kroger just outside of Boulder Colorado for 2 weeks! Which of course was awe amazing! The 3 of us shared a room together and had a great time! We met a lovely gal named Dawn from California and hung out with her when we had time off! We were given 4 days off in between our studies so we rented a little cottage across from a river and it was really nice!  Dawn and the 3 of us went in on a rental car together which at first, I was driving, but those mountain roads were narrow with no guard rails and kinda scary, so Dawn took over!

After our Colorado trip Rena, Arden and I would get together frequently, and it was always a fun time! Since Rena and I were both healers we would frequently do a healing exchange together and there was always a cup of tea and a chat afterwards!

I moved up to the Bruce Penisula for a quite a while and then moved to Florida for 8 years but once I came back to Niagara our friendship and the healing exchanges continued and Arden would join us as well! We would have a potluck lunch and chat about the good old days!!!

When Rena was in the hospital before she passed, Arden and I would visit her. I would always do a Scared Light Infusion healing on her which she loved. It would help her fall asleep pretty well right away and we would sneak out quietly! Rena's daughter Claudia was there when she went into the hospital, so we were able to meet her and go have a cup of tea together, so that was nice!

Unfortunately, our beloved Rena passed while she was in the hospital, but the blessing is she did not have to suffer anymore, and we were able to spend some time with her before she crossed over to be with her loved ones and her Angels!

I miss my dear friend. As a medium I know she is still visiting from time to time, and she is at peace! Which is a true blessings! Lee Harvey Niagara Falls ON                                

Contributed by Loving Daughter, Claudia Langlois & Friend, Lee Harvey
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