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 Linda Ann (Neily) Preston

How would I describe my dear sweet friend Linda Preston? She was pure love, pure joy, pure heart and she always made you feel at ease! Linda was a great listener and healer and gave amazing massages! Oh yes, I loved her massages, she really had the healing touch!

I must share with you that when I first decided to write about Linda as my Wow Gal Angel, she actually appeared to me from the other side and said “I will be honoured for you write about me!” Of course, to see her standing there in spirit form was an absolute joy and my eyes filled with tears! I was so thrilled that she appeared to me to give her permission! It was wonderful to see her again! 

Right away I called her husband Cliff, another dear longtime friend, and he was happy to hear that I had a visit from her! He was overjoyed to hear I would be writing about his beloved wife Linda! I spent 3 hours on the phone with Cliff reminiscing about his true soul mate and all their adventures, and there were many! We both were teary eyed as we recalled so many wonderful memories!

Linda was born in 1943 in Berwick Nova Scotia. I met her when she was married to Cliff Preston and living in St. Catharines where I was originally from. Back in 1983 a friend invited me to join a monthly vegetarian potluck dinner group and through those dinners I met so many like-minded mostly psychic friends! A couple of months later I offered to host a Halloween potluck at my house on River Road in Niagara Falls and that is when I met Cliff and Linda

I had heard that they were hosting a weekly meditation/metaphysical group and asked if I might join! Their meditations and channeling sessions were both very instrumental in the development of my very own psychic gifts. For that I am eternally grateful to both!  Linda was the perfect host always smiling and full of love! She had put a saying on their wall in their living room that said “Love is the only answer, regardless of the question” which is something that Cliff said when he was channeling the Echo in 1981! This truly is a motto that Linda lived by for sure! She also loved Sai Baba and his photo was always on the wall of their home. Linda was the director for Cliff’s channeling sessions, which were always amazing! So, with all this, a long-time friendship developed and remains with Linda’s husband Cliff! 

Linda and Cliff had many adventures together! In 1989 they moved to Rankin Inlet in the Arctic for Cliff’s job and they ended up running a team of 24 huskies! Linda went out on a ski doo with dog food teaching the natives how to better care for their dog teams. Then they moved to Fort Francis Ontario where Linda was secretary to the treasurer until 1993. After that they moved back to Fonthill, Ontario. They stayed with their dear friends, Brenda and Gary Toth until they found a place in Port Dalhousie!   I, along with many of their friends and clients, were happy to have them back in Niagara again!

Cliff told me in our recent conversations that Linda attended high school in Montreal and at one-point she was approached by Mensa group, which is something I wasn’t aware of. He also told me that in their 30 years of marriage they never had a fight! I dare say that is an amazing feat to carry out. Not many couples can say the same of their relationships, so kudos to the happy couple! They were a joy and inspiration to all!

Another story Cliff shared with me was that when they were living in Orangeville Ontario. They did not have a lot of money. It was Christmas day and they met a young couple that did not have any money. Linda asked Cliff “do you think the universe will provide for us if we give them what we have?" He agreed, So they gave them their last twenty dollars and Linda told them I wish we could give you more! The following summer they met up with that same couple again and the they handed them $40.00!  So, double the money came back to them for their generosity! 

Everywhere they lived they never locked their doors. Friends were always welcome to drop in, even if they were not home. They would say help yourself to the fridge or if you need a bed to sleep in, it’s here for you!  Linda said, “there should always be a place for people to go”!  No matter where they lived, people were always welcome! At one time when they were living in Winnipeg, Linda’s coworker from Rankin Inlet had broken both of her ankles. Linda being Linda said “you can stay with us until you can walk again”! That was Linda! She loved everyone and would never turn anyone in need away! So much love in her heart!

Cliff and Linda did the Echo channeling sessions everywhere that they travelled and Cliff is still doing them to this day! He told me that when he and Linda got together she only asked of Cliff that he would love and accept her unconditionally! She truly talked the talk and walked the walk! That is why all those who met her could not help but love her as she loved everyone! As a couple they taught everyone so much!

In 1994 Linda was hospitalized with encephalitis and meningitis! I remember going to the Hotel Dieu in St. Catharines, and along with many other healers, we rallied round Linda's bed in the ICU and did a big Reiki healing circle a few times that week! Linda had lost all capabilities and was in hospital for 3 months. Cliff even spent the night at our house in St. Catharines sometimes. Many times, we all got together for in a circle at our house to send her healing! Cliff said Linda’s strong belief in Sai Baba helped her through! It was a true miracle that she survived!

Linda lived a good long time after she was hospitalized and crossed over to spirit on January 15th 2011 at the age of 69. For those of us that knew Linda that was a very sad day. But the memories of dear kind and loving woman lives on in our hearts forever! It was a pleasure to write this story of my dear friend Linda’s life and to spend many hours on the phone in the last month with Cliff, who now lives in Ridgeway, reminiscing about all the good times we had with Linda. She was an Angel here on earth and touched so many people’s lives! I am sure many of you who knew Linda and are reading this will agree how blessed we all were to have known her! I know she is right here with me as I write this, I can see her beautiful smile that always lite up a room! "I love you my friend and I am honoured to share your story with everyone!"  I know she would want you all to remember her famous quote “Love is the only answer, regardless of the question!”

 Contributed by Friend WOW Gal Lee (Lyla) Royer of Heaven Sent Messages

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