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 Lindsey Brianne Lourenco
This  precious 18  year-old  girl, Lindsay  Lourenco, had  been  battling Leukemia for years.  While each remission  seemed  promising  after  her  very  long battle, she slipped into a coma. 

Her mother wrote  a touching song  for her daughter singing  it at her  bedside,  knowing  she was  in her final  days.  This  is  absolutely   tear-jerking...   God Bless you, Lindsey!  God Bless the whole Lourenco Family who loved her her then & now.

Growing  up   the  twin  sisters, who  used  to  enjoy  watching the cakes being decorated at their parents' Dairy Queen  restaurants,  came up  with  a  unique  fundraising idea to donate  $1 from every ice cream cake  sold  to  support  the  Children's Miracle Network.  The two family restaurants continue this  year-round.

Cakes for Miracles  was picked up by  head office.  Now every year  for the week  before  Mother's and Father's  Days, $1 is donated from each  cake  sold  to support local Children's Miracle Network hospitals.

The  campaign  was  renamed  Lindsey's Cakes for Miracles  and  her  photograph  graces  the  posters. She spoke before 2,500 delegates at a DQ convention and at functions to raise awareness and $150,000 for B.C. Children's Hospital, where she was featured on a video to help caregivers learn how to interact with and care for teens with cancer.

Lindsay was the winner of the 2013 Courage To Come Back Award in the youth category, also had an affinity, coincidentally, for the word "courage."

During  her final remission from the leukemia she  had the flower and "courage" tattooed on her forearm. In her sister's memory, Sadie had the same sunflower tattooed on her forearm, along with Lindsey's name in large, flowery script. because in Sadie's view, "She was the most courageous person I knew," 

Mother sings to Lindsey (Song So Strong)

 Tribute to Lindsey by twin sister Sadie

Lindsey, who was nominated before she died, was named the winner a few days before her death. As hard as it was Sadie accepted the honour of accepting it on her behalf. 

My sister would have been honoured. She's not the type of person to care about being in the spotlight, but she would have been touched.  I'm so proud of her.

Halfway through  Grade 10,  Lindsey relapsed for  the first  of four times and  had a  bone-marrow transplant. While in the hospital, she was always upbeat and sunny, like her favourite flower, and got up to greet and hug visitors even though she was in chronic pain.

Remission after her second relapse in Grade 12 was came just in time for grad. Lindsey  graduated with  honours  and  was  able to walk across the stage. It was an amazing moment. She got a standing ovation from the entire class.

Lindsey also mentored other teens with cancer through an oncology teen group, inspired students at her school to make the most donations during the annual blood drive and was named the B.C. Children's Hospital's "champion child" ambassador last year.

Lindsey  was always looking at ways to give back. Growing up together I always had a best friend to play with and talk to. I didn't even think of her as my sister. She was my best friend.


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