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 Lois Olive (Hall) Cunningham

It seems  only fitting to write  this tribute  for my  mom at this time of year because Christmas was always so very special at our home growing up. Mom of course made it so.  

Even though  she had a lonely childhood,  with 17 years  difference between  her and her sister as well as  losing  her own  mother at  four years old (Doctor’s error) Mom grew into a strong, God fearing woman.

Mom was always the life of the party and  the interesting thing  is that  she never drank alcohol, she didn’t need it.

She and Dad  did  a  lot of  dancing in  those early days  before the three of us came  along. It was always lovely to  see  them   on  the   dance  floor   at  weddings  and anniversaries. I can  remember as a child just watching them  in  awe.   How  beautiful   it  was  to  watch  them 
glide  across the dance  floor  without  missing  a  step.
This vision  in my head still warms my heart.

My  Mom  was  a stay  at  home  mom.  She  just  loved keeping house, cooking and sewing making clothes for us, she kept herself very busy.

We lived in the country.  We, as kids, felt stranded but my parents thought it was paradise.  Mom kept the gardens looking great as long as she could.  Our neighbors had a fruit farm and mom loved to help them.  She tied and cut grapes, picked and sorted pears, plum, apricots and worked in the berry patch.  She loved to be outside doing that work.  

Everyday you could hear her walking into the orchards singing “Everything is beautiful” by Ray Stevens.  She had an arrangement with the neighboring farmer that he would pay her after the grapes were harvested which was the fall.  She would spend her entire earnings on her family for Christmas.  So you can imagine how full the Christmas tree was. Mom decorated the whole house from top to bottom and did tons of baking.  She and Santa made Christmas very special for us.

As I reflect back to those days, as an adult, it makes me wonder what Christmas was like sometimes for my mom. I know some were very sparce, some were probably sad for her, but she wasn’t one to complain. She would not want that for her girls. 

My Mother (born 1929 left us in 2017) will always be remembered for her generosity, her happy nature and vivacious laugh.  I love you Mom.  Thanks for the wonderful memories, as seen through my eyes.

Contribute by Daughter & WOW Gal AnnaMarie Warriner 

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