WOW Gal Angel
    (Vera) Diane McGee
     "affectionately known to
          many as “Auntie Di”

Diane grew up in Woodbridge and shared many fond memories of time spent with her grandfather, which brought her much joy, in her early years. She also accompanied her mother on many occasions when she went to work at the famous Mart Kenney Ranch, in Woodbridge, where outdoor dances were held. We think this is where mom got the first taste of her eternal “entrepreneurial spirit”.

At a very young age of 11, Diane got her first job cleaning up the dance hall after the events and never looked back. She always lived her life to the fullest. From her days teaching at Banting Memorial High School – to running her own hair-dressing business – Diane was always on the lookout for opportunities to grow as a person and to help others.
About 25 years ago Diane became the founder and creator of WINGS (Women In Networking Growing Strong) and has had the privilege of mentoring many to success. She had a genuine love of people and nothing brought her more joy than to see them reach their goals in life. 

Her love of all things “butterflies” will live on as a constant reminder of her admiration of the resilience of the butterfly. If they didn’t struggle to open their wings, they would die. And so she never let her struggles bring her down but used them to help her grow. 

Diane's strong faith has always been the anchor in her life and she always tried to keep a balance that put God first, family and others, then herself last. Her beliefs gave her a beautiful hope for the future that helped her get through some of her own struggles in life, and she was blessed to be able to share her love and appreciation of our creator with others. 

Diane took great pleasure in watching her children and grandchildren grow and was always involved in their lives, making beautiful memories with them. She loved dinners with her children, playing cards, visiting the cottage, gardening, and going to all the local – and not so local – events. The Potato Fest, Beeton Meet Your Neighbour Picnic, Honey & Garden Fest and Elvis Fest will never be the same without her. 

She enriched the lives of so many and we are in awe of the incredible impact she had on others. Diane was a humorous and generous soul, filled with a deep love of life. One of Diane’s greatest desire’s she expressed to us was, that all would see a day when all the earth would live together in peace with no more pain and suffering. 

Diane's favourite quote was, 'Be true to yourself and know who you are or you will never be true to others or accept them for who they are." This truly represents the AMAZING Women she was.

I never had the honour of meeting Diane in person only through emails and yet feel a void and sense of loss that this beautiful soul has left us so soon.

Compiled & Contributed by Admirer Carolyn Shannon via words of Loving Family & Friends  


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