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      Christine Cresswell 

What can I say about Christine?  There is so much to say about her influence on? me.  I was  introduced to her through my sister as Christine was a Reiki Master / Practitioner.  At the time, I was quite ill and thought ‘yeah okay – what harm will it do?’

I thought  so much  of  Christine – she was  a  sweetie and very loving. Without the sentimentality, she would make comments to me after a treatment in very few words. She wouldn’t put up with nonsense  and  ‘youthful  folly’.   Her  answers  were   clear  and definitive and  there was no room  for  doubts.  Becoming  more aware  of my  personal growth  I needed  to make  a decision  of whatever I  was  asking about.  If I kept asking, Christine would inevitably  ignore  it  all in silence. I  know now  the  teacher was constructively annoyed by my constant mistrustful questioning.

She loved her 2 cats and they loved her Reiki treatments. Those
cats  were  family  to  her.  Christine’s family lived near Perth Ontario  almost 5 hours away and although she would  drive  all  that  way  by  herself to visit her family she couldn’t wait to get home to her cats.  While living here  in Niagara Falls  for 35 years,  originally  from  England  with 13 siblings, she  chose  to be a hairdresser while supporting her family.  Her husband became ill and it was up to Christine to keep the family afloat.  After her career  in  hairdressing she moved into energy work  and found her niche.  She volunteered  at Wellspring Niagara for 30 years while practicing and teaching Reiki.

Christine was also a reflexologist and during a treatment she and I would laugh a lot.  She had a great sense of humour.  One day we were walking from a yoga class and when we were 3 blocks away she would pull out her  keys  in  readiness and  I would  imitate her with her keys in her hand and  walk swiftly forward.  It was  a standing joke between us.  The hanging pictures in her home were always crooked.  The portrait picture of her grandson was cut off at the sides of the head in the frame.  She was funny and fun.  We laughed a lot.

Then she decided to move to Perth Ontario.  I asked Christine to teach me Reiki receiving my Level 1 in Reiki Shiki Ryoho in 2007  and  when  I visited  her  in Perth  I gave her a treatment and she adamantly stated ‘I will teach you Level 2’. When she visited me in Niagara Falls she did just that.

Because  of  Christine’s  influence  I continued learning Reiki and  she taught me the final level in Reiki Shiki Ryoho.  I  began  to  teach.  Together  we  then  attended  another model of Reiki and received our Level 1 in Komyo ReikiDo.

After  being  introduced  to  Komyo ReikiDo  I  went  on  to  achieve  the final Level 4 – Shinpiden – in Komyo ReikiDo and now teach that model of Reiki with Christine’s blessing.

She crossed over  in 2014.  I went  to see  her in the London Ontario hospital  and 2 weeks later she crossed. Christine’s influence is a big part of me and I am so glad she was a big part of my life.  I ask her many times to be with me during a Reiki treatment while working and playing with someone’s energy.  

I was taught by a master and stand on the shoulders of a very insightful woman.  The picture of Christine in this article was taken while blowing bubbles and playing with her inner child.  I miss her.

 Contributed by Christine Cresswell's Friend Roxsane Rysdae


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