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 Anne (Magaziner) Toth

I first met Anne when I took one of her Tarot Cards Reading Classes. It couldn’t have happened at a better time. Shortly after I was being stalked by a past male student and using this tool kept me one step ahead of him until he was caught and it ended for good.

Before long we became friends sharing Friday night suppers after her show where she helped so many gain insight into solving present dilemmas and future possibilities. (In the 1970’s Anne ran the Pinedale Tearoom in Stevensville, Ontario and hosted a radio call in show on CHOW 1470 for four years. She had a regular guest spot on a Hamilton TV show in the 1980’s, and in the 1990’s she hosted the Aquarian Age Talk Show on TV until 1998. The show was first produced by her son Matthew and later by her daughter Elizabeth.)


Her listeners weren’t fortunate in seeing her twinkling eyes as she shared her wisdom with them. However they did get to hear her amazing laughter she so readily shared. She was loved by too many to add. She indeed had MANY Fans!

I can’t say this better so I will share these instead: “Oh what a joy to have known the glorious spirit Anne Toth. You shared your beautiful light with me and I was ever-changed for the better. Guidance at the radio station, shared meals, classes filled with wisdom, Sufi dancing, trips to Lily Dale and many more spiritual endeavours create a myriad of wonderful memories. Thank you sweet lady; I absolutely know that you are soaring with Angels...oh what JOY! Love, Trish M.” 

"To Anne, The smiling joy spirit who loved to sing and dance and praise the good in others. Always open to learn more and share her wisdom, Anne was a shining example of how to joyously follow the Spiritual Path on earth. By following that path to the continuance in the heavens, she has become a beacon light to us who knew her. Namaste, Neal"

“There was always a myriad of people in and out of our home... Mom had a community of people she loved and cared for and provided shelter for, when they needed it. there was always a warm meal that could be shared to take fragments and make them whole - that is what mom did piecing together - pulling together - she made a community their stories will be part of the fabric of our lives forever.” Elizabeth

“What a trip it was knowing Anne. She lived life her way. She did everything that sparked her interest. Anne studied Astrology, Mediumship, (she was a natural) Sufi dancing, Studied the Kabala, Ran a Tea room, became a radio host, did palm readings, tarot readings etc. Life was an adventure to Anne. She arrived in this life Aug 3rd on a Saturday evening, ready to party. Although not everything in her life was easy, Anne kept looking for the blessing in all situations.. She impacted everyone she met. How could you resist that smile and rosy cheeks. Ann freely shared her talents with all who were interested. She has left her mark on all of us who loved her. I am so glad for the time we had together.” 

She seemed to always see and encourage the best in me, as I think she did with most everyone. When she saw my work as the newsletter editor for the local group, Astrology Toronto, she strongly urged me to start my own magazine. With her faith in me beneath my wings, I published Transitions magazine in the mid-1990s. Her support continued after I launched this website in 2004, seeding it initially with articles from Transitions. Although there are many people over the years I can thank for my ability to do these projects, Anne's ongoing encouragement stands out as a primary force that helped me keep the faith. Her presence, her hearty laughter and her wisdom were larger than life and as warm as her Leo Sun. Often it was the little things she said that would suddenly open one’s mind to new vistas of understanding and possibilities. Her generous spirit was a bright light, I will miss her deeply.”  Robin Armstrong

Yes, Anne literally saved my life by telling me I was going to be a Non-Traditional Art Teacher and if I didn't find a way to release the earthquake of old, buried emotions I would end up having a nervous breakdown or worse. I thought she was wrong about the Art thing, yet I knew in my heart that she was right about the buried emotions. The proof of this was coming out in bouts of skin rashes that couldn't be explained by the medical profession.

Shortly after, I was drawn to a little town on Lake Huron called Southampton... I picked up a cheap pad of paper /a set of markers... went back to my room to prove her wrong. Ever since I have been both doing and teaching what has become Art from the Heart Adventures. It was like I opened my heart and it all came gushing out. WOW!

When I went back to see Anne again, while I was waiting in the little cabin where she did her readings, I set up close to 70 of the heartworks I had done in just 6 short months and she was truly appreciative of the powerful presentation. As usual she was humble about having been the catalyst for this life saving change saying I had a choice to make and made it. She was proud of me though and that meant a lot.

I will continue to mention how Anne saved my life at most of my workshops and talks and thank her for being so frank about the change I needed to make. Not every one is brave enough to tell you like it is.

Until we meet again, Dear ANNE…

Contributed by Anne's Fan Carolyn Shannon


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