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   Sr. Officer Erica McAdoo

Erica McAdoo was a senior detention officer with the Los Angeles Police Department when she died from COVID-19 at the young age of 39.

Erica was a professional who embraced the challenges of custody work and the transition from custody officer to custody supervision. She was part of a new generation, raising the standard and level of expectations for our personnel. Always with a reassuring smile and calming disposition, Erica’s presence – and absence was felt. … Our Division, and [its] personnel are better because of her time and commitment. (a statement from the Custody Service Division)

LAPD Detention centers, like other facilities where people live and work in close quarters, have been hit hard by the pandemic at the time of Erica’s infection and death..

"She was always the peacemaker with the jail," said Erica’s mom, Donna Royston. "When somebody came in very 

combative, she was always the go-to person to get these folks to calm down."

Erica had just been promoted when she got sick. Her friends tried to rally her during her 97 days in intensive care and sent a video of them dancing to one of her favorite songs, "Suavemente," for her to listen to. Upon her death, her co-workers held a celebration of her life at the beach.

"We just wanted to do something that she loved," said Catalina Alvarado.

"She's so missed," her mom said. "It's just not the same without her." Yes Donna, She was a Light put out way too soon.

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