WOW Gal Angel
 Chelsea Anne Michele Brown

My dearest daughter, from the moment you were born I became your Mother/Guardian. 

Throughout  your   life   I tried   so  hard   to provide the love and support you needed. It was  so  easy   while  you  were  a child but when  you   became  a  woman,   I  had   to loosen  the  ties    between  us  and  let you make your way in life.  It was hard for me to see  your  life  choices  that ultimately  drew you closer to an early, untimely death.

Every day   I think  of you,  the  choices  we made and the chances I had that may have 
brought  you  back  to  me.  I  believe  that  Fate  had  a,  ready  taken  hand  and regardless of my yearning, the choices were made. 

If I could do anything, I would trade my life for you and your unborn child. I live a life watching others fulfil theirs, but mine is empty now as you were the sole light and life within it. I loved you more than life itself and still do. Living without you is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. 

I pray that there is an after life where I will meet you and Anais. Love is the strongest unbeatable link between us. I will never forget, though others have, a lifetime of loss and grief until we meet again. mum.

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